The 7 Life Principles To Be Grateful For In 2024

LifeThe 7 Life Principles To Be Grateful For In 2024
The 7 Life Principles To Be Grateful For In 2024 Blog

The 7 Life Principles To Be Grateful For In 2024

As the year winds down, it’s an ideal time to reflect on our lives and plan for the future. The goal is not setting goals or making resolutions. Instead, it’s about changing our approach to life. This change is necessary for personal growth and fulfillment.

This November I had an opportunity to meet Sri, a friend whom I connected over the internet. Maintaining relationships can be challenging, but caring makes it easier.

Well, hold on! You might ask me, how are these two things connected? They are. Be patient. That’s the first step you need to work on in days to come. 🙂

People have influenced my life. When someone asks me, are you an introvert or an extrovert, I get confused. I am not sure about how these qualities affect in general but I am ambivert. As a podcaster, I connect with many unfamiliar faces who become known. But, I have had to let go of several people in my life. That’s how it has been.

To meet kind-hearted people, show willingness and feel for them. That’s why I agreed to Sri’s plan. The excitement was boundless. The insecurity of meeting for the first time was gripping. We were supposed to meet in Mumbai. 

Mumbai- The speed, the hustle, the energy, the intentions, the appetite, the growth, the creativity, the people that I experience and engage with is so refreshing! And on some days, you feel the urge to escape the monotonous routine and chaos.

Our plan was pretty set but some unplanned moments gave us lifetime memories. We were having endless talks. To be honest, I was more of a listener this time. We ended talking about the moments of our own lives that have shaped us to who we are today. 

You know, those old memories, which bring in the big gulp in your throat and still you continue to share. It is the individual and the shared experiences which gives us the full view of life.

Since that day I have started believing in karma and every step I take reminds me of it. That doesn’t mean I am getting a bit conscious but it’s more of attracting what we need. 

Sri has got this unique way of narrating every story or a moment. In your mind it makes you feel, ‘oh my goodness, why is she talking about my situation?’ and that’s too much fun.

Our conversations led me to arrive at some conclusion that I would love to share with you all.

1. Make Your Life Your Own

I said that people make our life beautiful. Yet, those people should not be demanding and commanding. Living according to someone else’s script can be suffocating. We don’t love that. It’s high time we shake off what others want from us and chase our own dreams.

This journey is about embracing what you love and desire. It’s important to pursue your goals, even if they surprise others.

MAnasi shah

Being authentic means staying true to yourself and your values. It also involves building a life that aligns with your priorities. Sure, finding out who you are can be tough, but believe me, it’s the most exciting trip you will ever take.

2. Subtract What Doesn’t Belong

Being an ambivert I have let go many people from my life. I have considered reconciling, but once standards drop, they’re not worth keeping. Our lives often become cluttered with negativity. This negativity can come from toxic relationships, unfulfilling jobs, or unhealthy habits.

By subtracting these elements, I have created space for positivity and growth. This is not about avoiding things. It is about choosing what aligns with my well-being and goals. Sometimes, the best way to move forward is to let go of what’s holding you back.

3. Invest Heart and Soul in What You Do

How do I fulfill the loss of people and all the negativity? Passion! Passion is the fuel for a fulfilling life. Investing your heart and soul in your activities brings purpose. It could be your career, hobbies, or relationships. This unlocks deeper satisfaction.

I podcast with unscripted conversations. I cycle in the early morning, connecting with nature. I bond with people who add joy to my life. There are some shortcomings and a lot to work on but I feel complete from within at this moment. Not every moment will be joyful. However, when you’re committed, the challenges become meaningful parts of your journey.

4. Stretch Yourself in the Right Ways

Growth often happens outside our comfort zones. Stretch yourself. Learn new skills. Explore new places. Challenge your beliefs. Open up to perspectives and opportunities.

It’s not about reckless risk-taking but about thoughtful expansion of your boundaries. You need to draw a line and follow the rules of life. 

Karma does take care of the elements that may harm you. You can’t be blind with the trust that you develop over the period of time. It would be unfair to say that I am perfect but I tend to stay aware of the happenings around me. Smart enough to guide me through all the odds.

5. Ignore Judgmental Opinions

I can now navigate through judgmental views in a world full of freely given opinions. It has been crucial for me. Often unsolicited, these views can be challenging to deal with. It shows how little you know about what happens outside of your life. 

Your journey is uniquely yours, and it won't always make sense to others. 

That is okay. What matters is that you are true to your path and not swayed by the noise of others’ criticisms or judgments.

You can give the benefit of doubt, but it is better to drop the veil when presented with the proof. Wear a mask or not, people will see that guilty face with the same intent.

6. Hold Your Humanness

Life is a series of ups and downs, and it’s essential to embrace this reality. Me and Sri got connected during the worst moment of her life. It does take time to get to normalcy. At the very least, we expect you to be patient. Human nature is complex.

Acceptance doesn’t equal giving up. Acceptance means recognizing your humanity, including both strengths and weaknesses.

By embracing yourself, flaws and all, you cultivate self-compassion and resilience. Remember, every phase of life, including the setbacks, is part of your growth story.

7. Remind Yourself Why Every Step Matters

Every experience, even the smallest or seemingly insignificant, adds to your growth. These experiences shape who you are. 

It’s easy to overlook the small steps, but they are the building blocks of your journey. Celebrate your progress. Learn from your setbacks. Always remind yourself of the value of each step in your journey.


In conclusion, as you prepare for the upcoming year, hug these seven principles. These are not strategies for improvement. They embody a holistic approach to living. The approach accepts a life that is authentically yours. Growth, purpose, and fulfillment fill it. Remember, the journey towards a better future starts with the steps you take today.

What are you grateful for in 2023?

I asked the same question to my connections on social media and got some great responses too.

Here are some of the best ones:

Diksha Bathula: So so so grateful for failures. I wouldn’t be who I am without me embracing those failures.

Viivek Mehata: I am grateful for realizing my own worth and knowing that nothing is permanent.

Sivakami Uma Muthukumar: My list of grateful things

  • My husband and marriage.
  • My best friends for backing me.
  • My business partner and BDO.
  • My clients for achieving my financial goals.
  • My body for bearing up with my fun chances.
  • 2023, I want to thank you for teaching me discernment between resistance & persistence.
  • 2023, I am grateful you taught me how to step into the Big Self, my authentic self and share this profound wisdom with others through my Magical Book.
  • 2023, I want to thank you for showing me that you can spend an entire year alone, without dating or compromising yourself by being with fake friends and learn to love yourself deeply and enjoy your own company.
  • 2023, you were a weird cookie & huge blessing.

Daivanshi Dalal: Staying healthy considering my medical history.

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