Why Learning Things Completely Is Important In Life- Rohit Kokane

Motivation Spark Podcast: Why Learn Things Completely in Life | Rohit Kokane

Why Learning Things Completely Is Important In Life- Rohit Kokane

Episode 68

About this Podcast:

Jack of all trades, master of none. I paid a lot of attention to this quote when I went through a real-life experience of how life responds when you learn only half of the things.This episode is an eye-opener to many questions that you may end up introspecting on “Why you must learn things completely in life?” which also comes with the bonus advice from my very dear friend Proma Nautiyal.Ask yourself, do I want to live my life as a specialist or generalist?

Each of them has it’s pros and cons but then nothing has escaped learning those topics, subject, art or whatever you may call it as. Knowledge is power but only when you learn it completely. How learning things completely changes your growth trajectory is something that is very important to know.

Let me ask you one simple question, how often you start doing something in your life and quit mid way just because it got tough to achieve the end goal?

We are living in the world where we have more distractions and than one focus point. The current GenZ is so fast-paced that they want to achieve all of their dreams at lightning speed but have you ever wondered the cost of doing things half-heaertedly? Money will never solve your real life problems.

As said by Leonardo Da Vinci, “Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets”, to make it true, I’ll urge you to do one thing at a time and getting involved completely in it.

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