Kiran Manral’s Secrets To Success, Creativity And Exploring Life’s Many Facets

Kiran Manral's Secrets To Success, Creativity And Exploring Life's Many Facets

Kiran Manral’s Secrets To Success, Creativity And Exploring Life’s Many Facets

Episode 76

About this Podcast:

Meet Kiran Manral, a woman who’s lived more lives than most cats. Journalist, author, mentor, entrepreneur – you name it, Kiran’s done it. But this podcast isn’t about trophies on a shelf. It’s about the wild ride she’s taken, and the secrets she’s learned along the way.

Forget “follow your dreams” clichés. Kiran’s journey is all about carving your own path, even if it looks like a zig-zag on a map. We’ll hear how she ditched the newsroom grind for the thrill of building her own ventures, all while juggling writing books that keep you glued to the page (think mysteries, parenting hacks, and even a guide for boys, no kidding!).

But it’s not just about work. Kiran’s a master at squeezing the juice out of life, juggling passions like a pro. We’ll dive into her secrets for igniting your own creativity, no matter your job or hobby. And let’s face it, who doesn’t need a dose of inspiration these days?

This isn’t just another “how-to” podcast. It’s a story about finding your voice, embracing your quirks, and owning your journey. Kiran’s infectious energy and down-to-earth wisdom will leave you feeling empowered, ready to grab life by the horns and write your own amazing chapter.

So, ditch the rulebook and tune in. Kiran Manral’s waiting to show you that life’s a playground, not a race.

P.S. No boring corporate jargon here. Just real talk from a woman who’s done it all, scars and all.

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