Menstruation | Periods – Science & Society with Dr. Mitali Rathod

Menstruation | Periods – Science & Society with Dr. Mitali Rathod

Episode 63

About this Podcast:

Do you call it periods, menstruation, or “that time of the month”?

It is highly crucial to breaking the stigma around periods because the menstrual cycle is a normal bodily function in women much like anything else including urinating, pooping, or sneezing.

Period poverty is such a big problem that 71% of women have no education about menstruation and 1 out of 5 girls drop out of school every month because of this. Women in rural areas rarely have access to hygienic period products as they cannot afford them. In fact, they use cotton cloth available at their house which can lead to severe infections. Helping them understand hygienic measures and educating them about them is crucial.

It is essential to understand that both boys and girls pass through this phase of transformation. The difference is that women menstruate and their body goes through 4 cycles in a month where their energy changes, mood changes, and even hunger changes.

On average, a woman spends 7 years of her life menstruating. So, it is essential to make this process smooth for her. Family members need to be more supportive and women need to take rest and consume home-cooked nutritious meals.

Creating a non-judgemental society for women around menstruation and making them feel comfortable to talk about it and giving them the liberty to relax on such days by taking the help of science is extremely essential.

About The Guest:

Dr. Mital Rathod, MS Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Meet your hosts:

Rohit Kokane


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