Are expectations too high?

LifeAre expectations too high?
Are expectations too high?

Are expectations too high?

In the unfolding story of our lives, the expectations we have can really shape our journey. In my work that focuses on creativity and connecting with others, I often find myself reflecting on how our hopes and expectations shape our personal and professional lives. Follow my memory as I tell my story – I have a feeling you can see a bit of yourself in it too.

Transformation of expectations

“Why so much work?” I often hear this phrase, it shows how feelings about relationships and work change. Yes, I have also heard; absolutely do not believe that despite all the progress, life seems to be more difficult. We are now at a point where we are not looking for security in our relationships or in our work, but we want something special and profound.

A hundred years ago, people didn’t talk about finding a “soulmate” or having a “passion” for the job. These ideas are considered special and not part of ordinary life. But, oh, how times have changed!

The transition from existence to prosperity

Previously, the condition for success was to survive for thirty-five years. Fast forward to today, the story has taken a leap. Success now represents financial stability, a vibrant social life, and the pursuit of work that ignites passion. It’s about growing, not surviving, about making everyday life light. Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Yes, that is indeed the case. But strangely enough, we are not raising the bar for ourselves, but also in our love and work lives. It’s no longer a matter of finding a job or a life partner, but of finding what makes us happy, no matter how long it takes.

How are your standards?

Remember the wise sayings: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country?” Well, that’s a general rule, isn’t it? Having high standards can be great. It motivates us to heal old wounds and strive to be better in our personal and professional lives. But there’s a bit of difficulty here; Wanting more can leave us a bit lost and unsatisfied.

Balancing desire and reality

I realized that the real key is building a community where we accept give and take. Expecting a person or a job to fulfill all of our needs and desires can lead to disappointment. It is an illusion that makes us believe in the possibility of the impossible. Instead, trying to find happiness in different parts of your life can be an interesting change. It’s about making friends that help us grow in different ways and do things that make our souls happy.

Pressure relief journey

The point is not to reduce our dreams but to broaden our horizons. It’s about letting yourself breathe without too much expectation. Through my personal journey with podcasting, I feel the warmth and surprise that different voices and connections bring to my world. 

The nature of community and connection

We are not lone creatures navigating the complexities of life alone. Our connections with friends, community and family can enrich our lives. In these groups, you can find new things, recharge your batteries, and make friends with people you care about.

So are the expectations too high? Maybe. But the answer is not to lower our expectations but to spread them, building a colorful life with different experiences and relationships that help us grow and adapt in the world. This is always changing.

As we walk this path, let us be the sparks of change, creating a place where dreams are not a burden but wings that lift us up, creating a life filled with joy and happiness. Miracle, every day a miracle.

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