Why It’s Important To Apologize?

Why It’s Important To Apologize?

Episode 58

About this Podcast:

What happens when your child takes a toy from another child? You ask them to apologize. What do you do when you’re at the grocery store, and you accidentally bump your shopping cart into a stranger? You probably say sorry automatically!

That said, many people struggle with the magnitude of this concept. They don’t apologize when it’s most important. Instead, they often become defensive, guarded, or even combative.

Learning how to say sorry genuinely can make a tremendous difference in your relationships and well-being. It’s often challenging to navigate different emotions, needs, and temperaments and during all these times, we may commit mistakes and saying sorry becomes important.

Let’s understand the power of apologizing and why saying sorry is important where I, Rohit Kokane, the host of Motivation Spark Podcast will love to let you know what I feel about this very topic.

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Rohit Kokane


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