How To Rebuild & Thrive- A Single Parent’s Guide To Life By Harrsha Punjabi

How To Rebuild & Thrive- A Single Parent’s Guide To Life By Harrsha Punjabi

Episode 75

About this Podcast:

In this episode of Motivations Spark, we explore a journey of unexpected turns and heartfelt revelations. From the bustling streets of Dubai to the quiet strength of single parenthood, our guest, Harrsha Punjabi shares her story of resilience.

It’s about the real struggles of letting go, the underrated power of starting over, and the silent victories in raising a child alone. Here, you will find not just a story, but a reflection of courage in the most human way possible. Join us as we unfold a tale that’s as real as it gets, touching on the nuances of life, love, and the courage to move forward.

It’s more than just a story; it’s about real life, facing changes, and doing it all while being a dedicated mom. This episode isn’t just about sharing experiences; it’s about connecting with them, finding bits of our own stories in hers, and learning from each other’s journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • What actually makes us or can make us powerful?
  • Parenting today in 21st Century
  • The real meaning of strong relationship
  • Assuming what isn’t which leads to grudges
  • What to value and what to let go?
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