Why Freedom Isn’t Free? – Rohit Kokane

Why Freedom Isn't Free? - Rohit Kokane

Why Freedom Isn’t Free? – Rohit Kokane

Episode 70

About this Podcast:

This week, we are slicing and dicing a topic close to all our hearts – “Freedom Isn’t Free.”Have you ever considered the price tag attached to the liberties we so often take for granted? Freedom, my friends, carries its own bill. And guess what? We are picking up the check.We will kick off by musing over Ronald Reagan’s potent words, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” This quote’s gonna be our guiding light as we navigate the labyrinth of freedom’s unseen costs.I have shared my personal life moment in the form of story to help you connect with the topic with more clarity.Your Takeaways (A.K.A the Freedom Five):

1.Understanding Hidden Costs of Freedom: We will unmask the hidden costs of freedom, and trust me, they’re lurking in the most unexpected corners.

2.Importance of Preserving Freedom for Future Generations: We are going to dive into the cycle of safeguarding and passing on freedom – a responsibility heavier than it sounds.

3. Impacts of Freedom on Society: We will put society under the lens and study the ripple effects of ‘Freedom isn’t free.’

4. Appreciating the Balance Between Freedom and Responsibility: Together, we will learn to value the balance between our cherished freedoms and their hidden costs.

5. How to Contribute to Freedom Preservation: By the end, you will walk away with insights on how to do your bit in defending our fortress of freedom.


We have a special appearance and bonus advice from Raghuveer Singh- Director Marketing, Zee5 India, sharing his take on the topic.

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