Practical vs Emotional- Gehraiyaan by Rohit Kokane & Tanaya Atre

Practical vs Emotional- Gehraiyaan by Rohit Kokane & Tanaya Atre

Episode 49

About this Podcast:

Being practical and emotional is the bottom line. As a human, we always have a thought fight between mind and heart.  Sometimes being emotional gives you the feeling of what others are in their situations. But getting emotional about your feelings kills you in silence. Practical people have reasons and logic for overcoming their issues or managing any pressure. Yet passionate people are on the web of emotions where they lose courage and have no ability to break the walls around them. It is hard for them to develop in a new way, to adopt a new way of thinking, and to be very courageous.

There are a lot of questions that surround practical vs emotional debate which we have covered in the ‘Gehraiyaan’ season of the Motivation Spark podcast.

What is the difference between being practical v/s being emotional?

Why are people less emotional and more practical these days?

Why do people’s feelings diminish fast?

Is being a practical person a negative thing?

How to find the balance between being practical and emotional?

Meet your hosts:

Rohit Kokane


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