Sex Education That Goes Beyond Sex Ft Niyatii Shah

Sex Education That Goes Beyond Sex Ft Niyatii Shah

Episode 60

About this Podcast:

Sex is more than biology. It is not just a 2-3 minute act. It goes beyond the physical act, and it is essential to understand that it is not limited to being intuitive. In this episode, Niyatii Shah shares why sexual education is necessary for children and adults and; her challenges while educating and counseling them in India.

It is essential to understand the responsibility, hygiene and security while doing sex. Everyone needs to understand that sex is correct when you are of legal age, educated about it and have given your consent. In fact, it is every human’s right.

But, before indulging in sex, it is essential to understand yourself and what you want from a particular relationship. Talking to your partner can help you avoid emotional trouble in your life.

We are sexual beings, and sex is a broad topic as it involves kids in puberty to adults in menopause. Helping kids to educate about their sexual urges is important so that they do not take the wrong steps. Also, sexual desires are normal and cannot be stopped, but you can always teach your children how to deal with them.

The host and the guest will help you to understand more about sex holistically, which can help you to keep yourself satisfied emotionally, physically and mentally.

About the Guest

Niyatii Shah is an enthusiastic, passionate and renowned Sexuality Educator, Counsellor, Author and Intimacy Coach who believes in EDUCATING children and adults on sex education so they know themselves. She wants to EMPOWER them so they can take informed decisions and ERADICATE the hesitation and taboo around Sexuality.

She is a mother of 2 children, wife of a very supportive husband & daughter of liberal & very loving parents. She helps parents and teachers talk about sexuality to their children without feeling awkward and without any prior knowledge with ease through her online course and books.

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