Human Trafficking: Putting An End To Modern Slavery with Pallabi Ghosh

Human Trafficking: Putting An End To Modern Slavery with Pallabi Ghosh

Episode 64

About this Podcast:

Human Trafficking: The Brutal Truth of Our Modern Society and the Need for Awareness and Action.

We have progressed as a society on various levels but unfortunately, we haven’t been able to eradicate slavery. Human trafficking is still a brutal truth of our modern society and technology has amplified and made this crime worse.

Tune in to this episode with the courageous social activist Pallabi Ghosh who shares her first-hand experience of rescuing survivors, the ugly side of the traffickers and the sad position of our justice system.

Pallabi shares how the poor strata of society are trapped due to unemployment, illiteracy and hard living conditions. Of course, 65% of trafficked people are women, but even men are tricked into this and pushed for prostitution, terrorism, begging and forced marriages.

Only a few people are rescued from this organized racket and unfortunately, rarely anyone gets justice. With news channels, NGO’s and politicians coming into the picture, the rescuer’s cause is completely lost. So, Pallabi shares how she is creating awareness as a first responder in people who have no idea about this.

She goes to schools, colleges and corporations to talk to people about this cause. She even uses technology constructively to raise awareness by making videos and generating campaigns. Her focus is on prevention and rehabilitation where she is encouraging survivors to tell their stories and change the narrative.

Pallabi also believes that human trafficking survivors need to be brought on the table to give suggestions for policy changes as they have first-hand experience with this heinous crime.

Listen to the entire episode as Pallabi even shares one of her memorable rescue cases which will definitely give you goosebumps and question, “Have we really progressed as a society and do we really have any humanity left?”

About the guest:

Pallabi Ghosh, Anti-Trafficking Activist, Founder/ Director- Impact and Dialogue Foundation

Meet your hosts:

Rohit Kokane


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