Nutrition Facts with Arpita Doshi, Founder- Nutrition Dynamic Foods

Nutrition Facts with Arpita Doshi, Founder- Nutrition Dynamic Foods

Episode 55

About this Podcast:

For the body to function properly, grow appropriately, and keep healthy, one must consume enough macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats, and water) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). If we feed our bodies the wrong types of food our lifespan can hugely decline because of this.

By eating diets that are rich in nutrients, and contain little to no processed foods, our lives may be lengthened.

Mrs. Arpita Doshi, a Biotechnologist (UK), Microbiologist, and passionate foodie, had experienced a life-threatening event early in her life, which led to the foundation of NDF as a healthier alternative to commercially viable beverages.

Their goal is to break the stereotype of using commercial products that often cause an imbalance in body metabolism and lose absorption functionality and instead replace them with alternatives that go in hand with your daily regime and make eating guilt-free.

We had a brief conversation on a few of the topics as follows

– Dynamic Eating Psychology

– The founding journey of Nutrition Dynamic Foods.

– How to penetrate and create a market presence in a highly competitive market in the food industry?

– Why is nutrition important?

– Freeze Drying Technology

– What are some common nutrition facts?

– What is the effect of nutritious food?

– How could more socially and economically sustainable food systems support healthy eating?

Meet your hosts:

Rohit Kokane


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