Art of Parenting To Raise Better Kids – Riddhi Doshi, Child Psychologist

Art of Parenting To Raise Better Kids – Riddhi Doshi, Child Psychologist

Episode 61

About this Podcast:

The discussion of the generational gap is never-ending. Parenting practices across the world differs and to raise better kids you need better parenting tips. You might have felt that your parents never understood you, but now your kids feel the same way about you. Although, as parents, you can always bridge the gap for your children. Good news- There’s no one right way to raise a child.

Tune into this insightful episode with our guest Riddhi Doshi Patel where she shares how to connect with your kids and make them emotionally intelligent.

Every generation was at its best, and there was something to learn from each era. Although, the current generation is high on AI and low on EI. So, parents must create a safe space for their children to talk about their emotions, failures, and feelings without judgment.

Some parents lack this awareness and get caught up in parental bullying, knowingly or unknowingly. Most of them escalate their expectations to their children and want them to behave in a particular way. This can hurt the children and shape their personalities in a negative way.

To avoid that:

Accept your child the way they areAcknowledge their efforts, and Appreciate them for their strengths

Creating a safe space for children in their formative years can make them better adults. In this episode, the host and guest will help you to understand how you can nurture your children and help them to increase their Emotional Intelligence.

About the guest

Riddhi Doshi Patel is a qualified Child Psychologist, Parenting Counselor, Mental Health Practitioner, 3x TEDx Speaker and Advisor to 16 TED-Ed Clubs. She is the recipient of multiple awards including the National Award and Young Entrepreneur Award. She is the Founder of LAJA, India’s first forum for women that focuses on Women’s Development, Growth, and Self-Empowerment. She has established five LAJA Chapters across India, working in tandem for the growth, development and empowerment of women from rural and urban areas.

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