What’s the Secret to Real Happiness? Ft Simona Costantini

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What’s the Secret to Real Happiness? Ft Simona Costantini

Episode 53

Feeling like chasing happiness is like chasing butterflies? Beautiful to behold, but always just out of reach? In this episode, we explore the real deal: genuine, lasting joy that goes beyond fleeting moments of pleasure. Join Simona Costantini, host of the inspiring “Happiness Happens” podcast, as we dive deep into the heart of happiness.

Click here to watch the Video EpisodeWe’ll delve into:

  • The purpose of life beyond happy highs: How to find meaning even when you’re feeling down.
  • Unearthing genuine happiness in our digital age: Disconnect to reconnect with what truly sparks your soul.
  • Happiness vs. pleasure: Choosing “right” over “fun”: Explore the long-term impact of these decisions.
  • Happiness or peace of mind? Unraveling the connection: Discover if seeking one leads to the other.
  • Why happiness eludes some: Uncover the hidden factors making joy a struggle for some.
  • The pursuit paradox: Can chasing happiness backfire? Learn how to cultivate joy authentically.
  • The #1 happiness destroyer: Why online happy pictures don’t always tell the whole story.
  • The ultimate life value: Happiness, meaning, or connection? Choose your guiding light and why it matters.
  • The ultimate happiness recipe: Discover the secret ingredients to a joyful life you can cook up yourself!

This podcast episode is your roadmap. You’ll find actionable tips, insightful conversations, and a fresh perspective on how to cultivate authentic happiness in your own life.

So, grab your headphones, settle in, and get ready to unlock your inner sunshine! Remember, happiness is a journey, not a destination. Let’s walk it together, one podcast episode at a time!

About Guest:

Simona Costantini is the Founder and CEO of Volt Productions, a leading podcast production agency with 30+ weekly shows, many ranking in the top 30-100 in their niches. Simona is a dynamic speaker and podcast host known for delivering actionable insights and value. 

She hosts “Happiness Happens” and “As It Relates to Podcasting” and empowers female entrepreneurs in parenting, wellness, and marketing to launch and grow their podcasts. Her mission is to empower creators to make a meaningful impact with their voices, drawing from her 10+ years of marketing and PR experience. When not working, she enjoys life in wine country with her cockapoo, Gus.

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