Prioritizing Yourself vs Your Parents- Rohit Kokane & Tanaya Atre

Prioritizing Yourself vs Your Parents- Rohit Kokane & Tanaya Atre

Episode 67

About this Podcast:

Do you find it difficult to have your say in making important decisions of your life just because your parents may not like it?

Do you feel that every moment of your life should be dictated by your parents?

Do you take the liberty to talk ill about your parents and make them feel worthless?

Almost everyone in today’s time is confused between prioritizing themselves or their parents.

It is a never ending discussion as parents have different viewpoints on pursuing certain careers or living a certain lifestyle. As children it is essential to understand that your parents did not have as many privileges and exposure as you.

Today, the internet has changed the dynamics of many things. It is easier for the younger generation to learn new things and even pursue a career of their passion. But, that doesn’t mean that you disregard or disrespect your parents.

Remember,  “A Good Father is a Source of Inspiration & Self-restraint. A Good Mother is the Root of Kindness & Humbleness.” – Dr. T.P.Chia

We discuss the importance of taking care of oneself and setting boundaries, as well as the cultural and emotional factors that can make it difficult to put oneself first. Navigating our life through such moments is hard and you may end of taking worst decisions of your life, so understandour ins and learn the key perspective as me, Rohit Kokane and Tanaya Atre share our insights on one common topic that answers many of your questions in one go.

Meet your hosts:

Rohit Kokane


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