Change Your Life: Practical Tips from Dr Maike Neuhas

Change Your Life: Practical Tips from Dr Maike Neuhas
How To Change Your Life: Actionable Steps for jumping out from caged to a comfortable and charged life with Dr. Maike Neuhas-Psychologist

Change Your Life: Practical Tips from Dr Maike Neuhas

Episode 79

The Motivation Spark Podcast, hosted by Rohit Kokane, features an insightful conversation with The Flourishing Doc- Dr.Maike Neuhas, a positive psychology practitioner, behavior change expert, and qualified coach. 

The episode explores the concepts of the caged life, comfortable life, and charged life, discussing how individuals can transition from feeling stuck or satisfied to living a more fulfilling and energized existence. 

Through personal anecdotes and psychological perspectives, Dr.Maike Neuhas and Rohit dive into strategies for overcoming limitations, embracing failure, and cultivating motivation, grit, and self-efficacy for personal growth and expert backed tips on how to change your life.

They touch upon the importance of introspection, the dangers of external validation, and the power of defining one’s own version of success and happiness.

The conversation also covers practical tips for dealing with difficult emotions, finding joy, and fostering connections to move towards a ‘charged life’ that resonates with one’s aspirations and values.

00:00 Navigating Life’s Paths with Dr. Mike Neuhas

00:47 Welcome to Motivation Spark Podcast

01:04 Exploring the Caged, Comfortable, and Charged Life

08:56 The Impact of Fear and Failure on Our Lives

20:00 Leveraging Technology in a Digital World

23:29 Balancing Dreams and Responsibilities

27:56 Dreaming Big and Taking Small Steps

29:06 Finding Balance Between Comfort and Growth

29:47 The Continuum of Mental Wellbeing: From Languishing to Flourishing

32:27 Joy, Meaning, and Connection: Keys to Moving Along the Wellbeing Scale

37:08 Navigating Emotional Challenges and Seeking Growth

41:36 Embracing Enoughness and Cultivating Gratitude

43:43 Taking Calculated Risks in a Charged Life

45:16 Seeking Intrinsic Motivation Over External Validation

49:07 The Power of Grit and Self-Compassion

54:28 Concluding Thoughts and Gratitude

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